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Personal Health Transformations

This highly personalized, comprehensive program is tailored to your lifestyle and goals, arming you with the nutrition knowledge, tools, resources, and support to reclaim your health and rule your life.  We will get to know each other on a very intimate level and create a plan that is customized to your personal dietary needs and focuses on adopting habits that empower you to live your life as the healthiest, happiest, most efficient you possible. This all-in-one, hands-on package includes...

  • 1-on-1 Health Coaching Sessions: personal health assessment, nutrition education, goal setting, counseling, and more
  • Shopping Lists, Meal Plans, Recipes, Lifestyle Tips, Nutrition Guides, & more
  • Grocery Shopping Tours, Cooking Sessions, Pantry Makeovers, Healthy Dining Dates, Worksite Wellness, & more
  • Long-term, on-going support: in-person, via phone, and email.
  • Transformation Celebration: Show & Tell your transformation to friends and family over health eats!

Guided Grocery Shopping Experience


The grocery store is where healthy living begins.  After all, what goes in your cart, goes in your body.  Yet, even the most educated consumers with the healthiest of intentions can feel lost or fall victim to deceiving marketing and unregulated labeling -- it's a jungle out there!  As a former supermarket dietitian for Whole Foods Market, I know the grocery store like the back of my hand.  During this 1 hour store tour, I will guide you aisle by aisle, department by department.  By the end of the tour, you will have a shopping cart full of nourishing food, and the knowledge to navigate the grocery store like a dietitian.   *Available to SF clients only

  • how to read a nutrition label (the right way)
  • how to dodge bogus marketing claims
  • how to select and store produce
  • conventional vs organic: the do's and don't's
  • how to shop for sustainable animal proteins
  • money saving tips and strategies
  • RD-approved product recommendations
  • RD-curated grocery shopping list


Munch & Learn Dinner Party

Invite friends, family, coworkers & neighbors over for a fun-filled cooking workshop guaranteed to win your tastebuds over.  Learn how to prepare energizing, nourishing meals using efficient cooking techniques, stealthy ingredient swaps and healthy meal prepping strategies that maximize time, flavor, and nutrition.  This interactive workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know the Bite for Change program!   *Available to SF clients only


Family Wellness Package

If you're looking for powerful nutrition solutions to guide your entire family toward healthier living, this is the package for you.  We will start with a home visit, get to know each family member and their personal schedules, food preferences, and dietary needs.  Then, following a similar hands-on approach, we will create a plan that makes your unit stronger, healthier, and happier.  *Available to SF clients only

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Pay it Forward: Learn how your health investment will benefit a local cause through our Bite for a Cause initiative.