How to: Shop healthy and save money

How to: Shop healthy and save money

“Healthy eating is too expensive.”  It’s a phrase I hear all of the time. But in reality, unhealthy eating has big costs and isn’t the most productive way to spend.

First, some nutrition economics: Why do we eat? Plain and simple, we eat to nourish our bodies with the nutrients we need to thrive. Secondly, what is productive spending? Productive spending is getting the most value out of every dollar. 

But how do we define “value” in the world of food shopping? I challenge you to take a moment and ask yourself:  When I purchase food, am I thinking about how many nutrients I am getting for every dollar? If we can switch our mindsets, we can redefine “productive spending” to be about maximizing the amount of nutrients per dollar.

Here are some tips to get the most nutritional bang in your grocery basket:

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