10 healthy eating strategies for Super Bowl Sunday

10 healthy eating strategies for Super Bowl Sunday

Family, friends, and food – this trio is one of my favorite combos. Add football to the mix and this becomes one of the best days of the year. 

Runner up to Thanksgiving Day, Super Bowl Sunday has become the second biggest day for U.S food consumption. Whether you are a serious football fan, or if you are simply looking forward to the commercials and an entertaining half time show, it doesn’t really matter. Come Super Bowl Sunday, the chances that you will be surrounded by an array of hoagie trays, a tower of buffalo wings, and a plethora of chips and dip is close to 100 percent.

After spending the last month trying to make healthy changes for the New Year, you face a common dilemma:  Do you go all in, call the day “a wash”, and wreak havoc on all of the progress you’ve made? 

Here are 10 game day strategies that will help us all walk away with a win... 

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