If you're a guac lover, this two ingredient recipe will become your new go-to snack.  This spin on guac is a great way to use a familiar favorite to introduce yourself to the funkiness of fermented foods.  Tangy pickled vegetables with live cultures of gut-friendly bacteria will be replacing your probiotic supplement in 2017.  This kimchimole can be served as a dip with crudite and whole grain crackers (try Mary's Gone Crackers or Suzie's Thin Cakes), spread into the groove of a celery stalk, or used as a topping for sweet potato toast.  Or, if you're like me, eat it by the spoonful!  A dose of healthy fats and immune-boosting probiotics, this snack packs a serious punch of nutrition that's guaranteed to get you from one meal to the next.

In a bowl, combine the avocado and kimchi, mashing with a fork.  Dig in!