Pay it forward

At Bite for Change, we are on a mission to promote conscious living and create positive change within your life, and within our community.  That is why we are committed to giving back a portion of our proceeds to a few special organizations within our community who share a similar health-promoting vision.

Giving back is a key component of living a balanced and fulfilling life.  The more you give, the richer your life becomes.  During your journey, our elected Bite for Change benefactor will become a symbol of your "why".  This organization will serve as a constant reminder of the purpose behind your goals and why they are so important to you.  We all share an altruistic instinct within our souls that drives our behavior more than any other motivator. By aligning your goals with the wellbeing of others, suddenly your personal transformation becomes greater than your own individual wellbeing. Knowing that your success impacts others will inspire you throughout your entire journey, while simultaneously creating a positive change in the lives around you!

Have a local charity or organization that you are passionate about?  

We are currently accepting nominations for our Bite for Change Beneficiary Please submit your requests at the bottom of this page.